September 17, 2019

Caitlyn and Andy Saint Anne Chapel Tarboro Wedding


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Caitlyn & Andy

Saint Anne’s Chapel, Tarboro NC

September 14, 2019

Simple and Easy! That is how Saturday went. One beautiful location out in Tarboro, NC, with close family & friends. Caitlyn reached out to me about their wedding, before they were even ENGAGED!!!! She knew she wanted me to photograph their wedding, and I can’t even be more honored.

It was an absolutely beautiful day, as we got some gorgeous weather, along with cooler temps (a lot better than last weekend) but so glad we were able to keep everything outside. I couldn’t believe when I saw Andy and his HAND. He said, “I know things go wrong before the wedding, but I didn’t think it would be physically painful”. Andy had to have surgery on this hand, thanks to a lawnmower!!! WHAT!!!! Me being me, automatically thought of some funny photos to take, and I knew Andy & Caitlyn were an AJP when they both said they wanted to highlight the “gimp hand” and hide it. Your wedding day is your wedding day and you gotta capture it as it is, while also taking pretty portraits. Caitlyn also chose one of my favorite shade of blue for her bridesmaid’s dresses, and I was in love.

I couldn’t believe when Brandi Carlile, “The Story” was sang for their first dance song, (any Grey’s Anatomy fan knows this song from when Callie sang it) and it was such a perfect first dance song! Their band played some of the best 90’s jams ever as well, I was singing along all night!

AND now for the good part, my favorites from their day!

Congratulations Caitlyn & Andy!

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