October 26, 2023

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When browsing for ethereal destination wedding locations, Italy shouldn’t be overlooked. While Florence and the ever-romantic Venice are the most typical choices, Lake Como poses a hidden gem. Lake Como weddings are bound to be magnificent due to the impressive surroundings, which can only be found in Italy. We’ve had the pleasure of capturing a gorgeous Italy destination wedding in the ornate Sala Bianca. Allow me to show you the highlights of the shoot!

Why Is Lake Como a Perfect Wedding Destination? 

Standing as a gorgeous Lombardian gem, Lake Como is enriched with lush nature and a serene atmosphere. Here, pleasure and luxury are seamlessly intertwined, which can easily be noticed by glancing at one of the many gorgeous Lake Como wedding venues. 

Besides the landscapes and the unparalleled natural beauty, the surroundings of the Lake are known for their charming narrow streets and splendid architecture. Plus, many fascinating venues will serve as a perfect spot for a Lake Como wedding and give your love story a new feature. It is, without a doubt, the fairytale location for unique unions. Whether you want an intimate setting or a more luxurious and extravagant one, Lake Como has it all! 

Sala Bianca – Luxury at Its Finest

One of the most captivating Lake Como wedding venues is Sala Bianca. It is a place of luxury, sophistication, and glory. The intricate details of the venue add special features to love celebrations, making them magical and surreal. High ceilings and extravagant chandeliers are signature elements of classic Italian art. You will feel like you have just entered a fairytale, and the main protagonists are you and your loved one. Who says that magic does not exist when there are places like this one?

When I captured this Lake Como wedding in this ethereal venue, I had the feeling that I was part of a different world. Every detail caught my eye, and the experience was simply one-of-a-kind. The elegant attire of the couple matched the surroundings perfectly. It is a venue created exactly for events of romantic and exquisite character.

Moreover, the floral arrangements complemented the whole ambiance and created a divine atmosphere. There was no need for additional bridal decor because the nature of the venue was simply enough.

The Lake Como Area – Exceptional Setting for Surreal Photographs 

I have taken the most sensational portraits of the couple in the streets of the Lake Como area. The architecture is extraordinary, and the colorfulness of the city is splendid. It is the perfect background for bridal photographs and authentic lifelong memories. Whether you want shots in front of the breathtaking buildings or the marvelous shore, a wedding on Lake Como won’t fail to meet your expectations! When uniqueness is your goal, this is your destination. 

Capturing romantic moments between two people in love in one of the most fascinating areas of Italy is my favorite thing. I enjoy experimenting with the camera because every angle tells a different story. Italy is magic, and Lake Como is the heart of it. Simply put, having a Lake Como wedding will be unlike anything you have ever imagined. 

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