Parts of the wedding day that are the best for photography

March 8, 2022

Parts of the Wedding Day I Love


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As a wedding photographer, I obviously LOVE weddings! But there are definitely some specific parts of the wedding day that are my absolute favorite. These are usually the moments with the biggest emotions because, well, I’m a sucker for that, being a photographer and all. Here are my favorite moments to photograph!

Getting Ready

While getting ready shots are fun in general, I especially love the moment when the mother of the bride helps the bride into her dress. There’s always so much sweetness in those images. Plus, they highlight the relationship between mother and daughter since the two don’t usually dance together!

The First Look

There’s nothing like a couple seeing one another for the first time on their wedding day. Plus, first looks are the perfect opportunity for them to shake out all their pre-ceremony nerves with their soon-to-be spouse! There’s always TONS of emotion during this moment, and I love to catch all of the little micro-emotions that my couples display by using a fast shutter.

The Walk Back Down the Aisle

It doesn’t get much more joyful than this! My couples are always so exuberant and full of excitement as they head back down the aisle with their new life partner. It’s just such a pure moment, and so fun to capture.

Post-Ceremony Portraits

This is the moment when I get to say to my couples, “Okay, now get close to your wife,” or “Look at your husband.” Every time, without fail, their eyes just light up! It’s the moment they’ve been waiting for so long, and capturing it is one of the best parts of my job!

The Father-Daughter Dance

I, for one, am very glad that this is one tradition that has not fallen to the wayside. Dads ALWAYS cry during this dance, and that makes me cry. Thankfully, I’ve learned to blink away the tears in order to be able to capture the moment!

The Couple’s First Dance

This moment is utterly romantic, plain and simple. The newly married couple has the chance to hold one another close and shut out the world—if only for a few minutes before partying it up with their guests!

Are you in the market for a wedding photographer? Reach out to me here! We’ll schedule a call to chat all about how I can serve you as your photographer, and which parts of the wedding day you’re most excited for!

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