October 3, 2021

Kallie & Andy | Providence Cotton Mill Winston Salem NC Film Wedding Photographer


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Kallie & Andy

Providence Cotton Mill

Talk about a venue with the most perfect lighting. You can not ask for a more romantic & beautiful space than Providence Cotton Mill in Maiden, NC. Just a short drive from Winston-Salem, Asheville & Charlotte, the space has an abundance of natural light, with a large outdoor space that gets one of the most perfect golden hour light flickering through.

This shoot was shot all on film!

“WAIT. I thought no one used film anymore” Well just like the popularity of polarids and instax cameras making a huge return in the past 6 years, film has had a large comeback in the past decade. Most photographers actually use different presets/profiles on their digital images to emulate the look of film, so it’s easy to learn to skip the middle man, and just shoot film. It may have its pro and cons, but the look of the film is so dreamy, captures skin tones so well and is just overall a way to be a little bit extra (if you don’t know I’m a little bit extra)

Please enjoy this beautiful inspiration wedding shoot full of light, a neutral yet vibrant color scheme of pale pinks, ivory and a little red.

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