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Alison & Matt Forest Hall at Chatham Mills December Wedding


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Alison & Matt

Forest at Chatham Mills Weddings

December 7, 2019

“A Toast to the Groom, A Toast to the Bride” the perfect end to the toast given by Alison’s mom. Who doesn’t love Hamilton (or really any Broadway) to give the perfect toast? I couldn’t help but start the blog post out this way, because I cracked my face from smiling during the toast out of happiness.

Matt and Alison had the most beautiful wedding at Forest Hall at Chatham Mills in Pittsboro, NC. With little hints to Christmas, to the most perfect metal song to end the night (Matt’s one requested song!) they had a simple wedding that was just for them.

Matt built their arch for the ceremony and actually put it the garland on himself. Alison & Matt both mentioned how they were goofy, but they both got each other the most special romantic gifts for each other that made both of them shed tears before their ceremony. They kept memento’s from each other, that both didn’t know they kept, and it really put a great start to the day (and my crying started extra early on in the day)

Forest Hall is one of the most unique venues in the area, so I was so excited to work my first real wedding there, along with the Harmony Weddings team, and can’t wait for them to open their new venue in Graham, NC called the Graham Mill!


Venue: Forest Hall at Chatham Mills

Wedding Management: Harmony Weddings & Events

Bridal Gown: Coastal Knot

DJ: JD Silverthrone

Catering: City BBQ

Cake: Phoenix Bakery

Makeup: Symmetry Bridal

Hair: Union Durham Hair

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