July 15, 2019

Overcoming my fears of a spray tan!


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Overcoming my fears of a SPRAY TAN!

I know what you’re thinking. ARIKA you’re a photographer, don’t photographers hate spray tans?!? And yes for the most part spray tans are not very fun to edit, you can add sunburns, and tan lines to the list of that as well. Getting skin tones correct and looking good takes up a good 40% of my editing time. There is a lot that goes into, make sure everyone has their natural skin tone, and pop a little. That being said for YEARS, I always wanted that sun-kissed skin, and was never comfortable being the palest person in the room (or a straight up lobster.) I got over that after my second orange spray tan, as I refused to use a tanning bed. My skin tone already makes me prone to skin cancer enough. SO Tiffany of Tansformation has been a friend of mine for years and has tanned people in front of my camera ever since. SO I decided to take the dive. Watch my little vlog to see me get tanned BUT to have a little Q&A with Tiff!

Getting a spray tan was almost as scary as filming all of this without ANY makeup on!!!

The whole process took less than 10 minutes, and after wearing around black sweatpants & a grey shirt, I had to change into something cute to take our family pictures on the last night we owned our first house. So, of course, I chose a WHITE jumpsuit. Fear not brides for nothing rubbed off AND this was just 5 hours after my tan. Girls, you will be good as gold for your rehearsal & wedding day!

Above you will see a normal picture of my pale self, next to one taken Thursday night, 5 hours after my spray tan! I don’t recommend having anything to do the day after spray tanning, including sweating or taking pictures. I was a little bit of an extra bronze that night!

This is SUNDAY, at Kasey’s baby shower, 100% natural and WAY more tan looking than my natural Irish skin! Especially when I’m next to Kasey since her skin tone is a lot darker than me!

Tiffany walks you through the entire process, from what special formulas for your skin tone, what to do before and after sessions, and she makes you feel SO comfortable because it can be awkward standing half naked getting sprayed looking kinda like a robot! She sent me this little prep sheet, that helped so much since the first date we had picked out would’ve not been good, since I had a session in the 95 degree June heat that day, and I would’ve gotten streaky!

Tiffany is seriously the best, and the only person that I recommend for spray tans in the area! Check out her website here!

and NOW, some Tansformation tanned beauties who have been in front of my camera!

Danielle Dixon, one of my favorite bloggers in the area, and one of Tiffany’s regulars!

Some glowing legs for a Galentine’s day shoot!

My beautiful bride Jessica!

Hair and Makeup by Wedded Kiss

Stunning Amy on her December wedding day!

Hair & Makeup by WINK

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