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June 12, 2019

Eleanor & Liam | Traditional Tarboro, NC Wedding

Eleanor and Liam

June 8, 2019

The whole week before their wedding, it said it was going to rain every single day, including their wedding day! On the day of we were lucky with overcast and occasionally a ray of sunshine poking through the clouds.

When I arrived in Tarboro, the first place I had to drive by was the theater, where we had shot some of their engagement photos. At first, I was confused by the random letters strung together on the top row, but almost immediately recognized it as Gaelic! Liam is Irish, so it was very fitting to have part of the Irish Blessing a part of their wedding day. As I got to the church, I walked into the room where they were getting ready to see Eleanor’s King Charles Spaniel, Lily, peacefully sitting on her mom’s lap while she got her makeup done. It was one of the most adorable things of the day! All the children involved with this wedding were absolutely adorable as well.

These two are a hoot together! Liam is one of the funniest and most expressive grooms I’ve had! Along with some silly antics during bridal party photos, they were all amazing. I loved the bridesmaids dresses, which I thought could be straight out of the 50’s yet fit in perfectly! Eleanor had a little switch up on her dress as she added sleeves and her veil before walking down the aisle. A little extra funny addition was a sticker of Lily on her ring finger, which got a great laugh when it came time to exchange the rings.

The reception started off with a saber arch, with a kiss for passage, before kicking off the receptions with their first dance as a married couple! Dinner was catered by Tarboro Brewery which is where they met and was extra delicious. All of Eleanor’s bridesmaids gave speeches, which may have gotten some of the best reactions ever!

Congratulations Eleanor and Liam!!!!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their day!