January 7, 2019

Willow Pump Review!


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You see these little things above^^^ these are amazing!!!

They are called willow, and it a breast pump! Every single women that has kids that I have met and shown these too, light up in awe.

Pumps throughout the years have gotten better and better. You no longer have as loud machines or manually pump (those these still exist though) The stories I have heard from my mom, aunts, random strangers, pumping is subject moms are completely open with. Our health insurance covered the amazing Spectra S1, which I use at home for the most part, and I love, but for work, it is still inconvenient. I would have to find a place to pump, usually in my car, and reserve 20 minutes of sitting doing nothing to pump. It was a huge hassle on wedding days, as I never had 20 minutes to sit down and do that, nevermind more than once. The thing is you can’t skip pumping when your away from your baby from 8 – 12 hours a day, you can lose your milk supply, leak all over the place, and not pumping can lead to clogged ducts & mastitis which is an infection and will affect your whole body making you very sick.

That’s why I used our HSA account to buy Willows this time around. Ellie is 7 weeks old, and I have already shot two weddings since she was born, traveled to California, and countless sessions. Willow is a handfree pump that fits in your bra. They are basically silent. It takes me about a minute to pop these babies on, and go on my business for 25 minutes while they pump.

This is me pumping and shooting details during my first wedding back (yes I make a mess while shooting details) I brought my little cooler with me to store my milk in, along with some drinks which I normally do already! No one even noticed I had these on, or that I was pumping. My second wedding back I disappeared for a couple minutes during downtime before the ceremony and came back, the photograph I was shooting with asked if I went to go pump, and I replied “I’m pumping right now” They are the best, convenient things for working moms or moms with toddlers.

I also use them when trying to chase Amelia around the house, when we are traveling I don’t have to lug my spectra with me, and any time I need to be away from Ellie longer than four hours. The first time I took my spectra with me, after I had Amelia, my spectra got damaged in my luggage and broke! The willows fit into my diaper bag, so no need for them to go into my checked baggage.

They have an app on your phone where you can moniter your stats, how much you’re pumping, your suction and how long you’re pumping. It keeps track of your schedule and history as well.

The only downside is the bags. They are on the expensive side & you can’t re-use them. The connivence outweighs the cost in my opinion!

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