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November 13, 2018

Caroline & Nick | Raleigh NC Engagement Session

This engagement session is a little bit extra special to me! Caroline and I met back in 2014, her freshmen year at Ohio State University! We were in the same sorority and she eventually became my little! Nick and Caroline had already been together for 2 years when we met, and I remember the first time we met at one of our dances, it was a pretty big deal! He may not admit it, but he was a little nervous to meet me. He got my stamp of approval, which he didn’t really need, and I knew they were headed in a forever direction. Nick and Caroline were long distance all four years of college! Even though they met in high school in Cleveland, Caroline went to Ohio State in Columbus, and Nick went to Xavier in Cinncinatti. One of the funniest things I remember during their time apart was when Nick took an UBER from Cincinnati to Columbus because his bus ticket got messed up on a weekend he was going to visit Caroline. Now that is commitment (and one pricey uber ride!) I knew they couldn’t wait to graduate and move in to together back home in Cleveland (although I did try to get Caroline to apply to grad school here in NC, so they would move here) but Cleveland was their home & I can’t wait for their wedding there in May!!!

I cry at almost every wedding I shoot, so let’s just say I’m really gonna need some waterproof makeup at this one (I am totally not tearing up writing this right now either…)

So here are two of my favorite people on this planet and their gorgeous sunfilled engagement session!



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