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November 10, 2017

Jonny & Carly | Biltmore Estate Proposal

This was proposal was several months in the making! Jonny contacted me about proposing to his girlfriend Carly while they were visiting Biltmore for her birthday!

It is so thoughtful how much planning Jonny put into his proposal. We walked through Biltmore on google maps and picked the perfect spot for him to propose, and even made two plans for the rain. I think we spent about an hour going over everything at Starbucks. Thankfully it was a gorgeous overcast fall day, so when I showed up, and the beautiful flower backgroud that Jonny had picked was gone (!!!!) and replaced with orange cones and freshly planted tulips (read: dirt) I quickly texted him that the mums were out, and picked a new spot in the Rose garden!

Jonny brought Carly over to the Rose Gardens and got down on one knee, and Carly said yes! People in the Rose Garden started applauding! Everything worked out in the end. We walked around Biltmore some more, and these two had no problem being cute & snuggly in front of all the people!

Congratulations Carly & Jonny!!! Enjoy some sneak peaks of this perfect day!

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